Details  One of the services GATE members can provide is to help people understand realistic forward technology developments and innovations in energy and material transition.Link  youtu.be/JJ-HGCMzAqQTags    podcast 

Global Association for Transition Engineering

Delivering the real-world solve WELCOME


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In the convergence of ideas, science, business, and engineering

We are an interdisciplinary community of practice dedicated to preventing what is still preventable

GATE promotes research on engineering the transitions of emergent complex systems

GATE supports development and demonstration of transition approaches, methods and tools

GATE works with leading universities and CPD trainers on education, publications and case studies

Volunteers facilitate networking and topical interdisciplinary discussions

GATE Full Membership Status provides professional recognition

Come together with GATE peers from around the world to build, inform and deliver transition


 Why do we know we can deliver the changes? 

Because we have done it before.

Corrective Trans-Disciplines, like safety engineering and risk assessment have emerged over the past century in successful technological enterprise when failure modes have become clear to the engineers who are experts in the field. 




The story of GATE

The story of GATE

Details  The story of Transition Engineering is a convergence of professional engineers seeking more impactful approaches to sustainability, and academics building methodology and tools that deal with the complexity of change to address un-sustainability risks and issues. 

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MEMBERSHIP! Join and be Part of the Change

MEMBERSHIP! Join and be Part of the Change

Details  Affiliate - Free for everyone who supports the mission of transition engineering
Associate - Students and Professionals in any discipline join without an application
Member - Engineers in any discipline with experience creating transitions apply for MGATE standing
The First Book

The First Book

Details  The world wants a future with less than 1.5C global warming, clean air and water, healthy food, thriving Nature and equitable energy. Business as usual is a risk to the future the world wants. This book enables a massive transformational perspective shift: Prevent what is preventable through professional duty of care.Link  https://www.taylorfrancis.com/books/oa-...