Code of Conduct for Professional Transition Engineers

Bylaw 2

GATE Code of Professional Conduct Commitment to be made by people who want to engage in Transition Engineering, or to become members of GATE or to become “Chartered Transition Engineers”.

Members shall:

  1. Acknowledge the need for transition through a change in engineering.
  2. Contribute to building a sustainable society, present and future.
  3. Include the interests of future generations, and their ability to meet their needs in actions and decisions.
  4. Accept the responsibility to re-design and re-develop un-sustainable engineered systems.
  5. Design for transition, carry out operations, and manage activities in ways that reduce fossil energy consumption in line with current IPCC margin of safety.
  6. Apply professional and responsible judgement and take a leadership role.
  7. Serve as an example to others for responsible environmental behaviour.
  8. Prevent avoidable danger to health or safety, risk to both physical and cyber security, and harm to the environment and society.
  9. Maintain and enhance professional competence, undertake only professional tasks for which they are competent, and disclose relevant limitations of competence.
  10. Accept appropriate responsibility for work carried out under their supervision.
  11. Treat all persons fairly and with respect.
  12. Encourage others to advance their learning and competence.
  13. Avoid where possible real or perceived conflict of interest, and advise affected parties when such conflicts arise.
  14. Observe the proper duties of confidentiality owed to appropriate parties.
  15. Reject bribery and all forms of corrupt behaviour, and make positive efforts to ensure others do likewise.