Link to GATE Convergence 2023 videos 

The GATE Convergence meeting on 18th October 2023 was an international session where members shared updates on their various Transition projects.

We call this a “convergence” because it is more than a sharing of ideas. It is an opportunity to impart experiences, a linking of similarities and chance to debate opinions.

All presentations delivered at Convergence 2023 were pre-recorded and are available to watch by clicking the Convergence 2023 banner above.


Teaching, Learning and Training

The most important learning for professionals has been identified by business leaders:

  • Wholistic Climate Intelligence - You need to be able to process and distil the scientific information about greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity loss, plastic pollution, nitrogen pollution, water scarcity, environmental refugees and any of the number of harms arising from the successful industrial technical enterprise, and create clear problem definitions for local shift projects. 
  • Energy Systems Training - You need to understand energy systems from resource extraction and conversion to distribution, markets, and end use technologies. You also need knowledge of energy economics, markets and policy. You will need knowledge of energy cultures to help stakeholders understand the history and operationality of incumbent systems in order to develop opportunities for energy transitions. 
  • Data Analysis and Digital Communication Skills - You need to work with statistical and technical data, generate exploratory scenarios, and be able to communicate information to a range of stakeholders and decision-makers. Design and build Digital Capital for your projects.
  • Pathfinding and Transition Leadership - You need to be able to navigate the dynamic and constantly changing environment during the energy transition era. 

The Transition Engineering courses deliver these skills for professionals in all fields. 

The fundamental principles of Transition Engineering are straight-forward, once you have mastered the ability to negotiate your perspective to interrogate the past, present and future. Reading the texts and literature is essential. It is also helpful to watch the videos. GATE is being organised to provide the most important thing for teaching and learning: doing. The tactical creativity required for dealing with wicked problems of unsustainability is best learned through participation in a project. This can be done by enrolling in a class, pursuing a Masters or PhD, or working with a Transition Engineering project in your company or organisation. The number of experienced Transition Engineers is small, but growing fast. 

Transition Engineering  Building a Sustainable Future
by Susan Krumdieck

Important to know
Training in Transition Engineering is an important factor in taking a meaningful leadership role in building a sustainable future. Reading the book will provide foundation for gaining GATE membership, and helping to build the discipline. Many experienced professionals have been pioneers in the practice and can help to build the discipline by joining GATE and sharing their experience in practice. GATE can help academics and trainers with Transition Engineering content. Contact your providers of courses or training and ask them to include Transition Engineering. If you are in a position to include Transition Engineering in your current curriculum, or to develop a Transition Engineering training course, please contact GATE Training Leader, Professor Susan Krumdieck, as she is happy to share notes, content materials and pedagogical experiences. 
MSc Renewable and Sustainable Energy Transition

MSc Renewable and Sustainable Energy Transition

Details  Be part of the Net Zero energy transition. The programme includes a full semester course on Transition Engineering, a course on Applications in Energy Transition Labs, and a Dissertation.
MSc RESET options:
One Year Immersive Course in Orkney Islands Campus
On-Line Self-Paced completing within 6 years
Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Details  Live Training from THQ in New Zealand/Australia to Anywhere in the World
You will gain an enhanced insight into what is physically and scientifically possible, understand how to lead others on their transition journey and learn to frame challenges as opportunities for innovation.
Transition Engineering Training

Transition Engineering Training

Details  Two On-Line courses available from Heriot-Watt University. 
A11TZ  Transition Engineering - Achieving Net Zero Carbon InTIME
A11ET  Energy Transition Lab


Details  One or two day workshop settings, block courses and retreats are provided by Heriot-Watt University for professionals, academics and students. We have run highly successful Transition Lab workshops with organisations, executives, leaders and community groups.