Think about one essential thing all people need, and how meeting that need has changed over the past century. All of the developments that have caused greenhouse gas build-up, loss of habitats have been the unintended, but not unknown, consequences of successful engineering. Global warming is not the first deadly unintended consequence of profitable engineering. The good news is that when the problems are understood, the engineering professions have changed their perspective, and have corrected the course of history. This lecture makes the case that Transition Engineering is an emerging correction to the business-as-usual that will rapidly achieve the COP21 target of down-shift of greenhouse gas emissions. First, I will lay out the facts: the “solutions” that dominate the media coverage of climate action are insufficient to requirements. Then I will describe Transition Engineering and the trajectory for rapid training and deployment. Finally, I will close the case using proof of the argument by example: we are in a totally different future today than if a massive, but small perspective shift had not occurred in engineering a century ago.