It is true that for too many years, mankind has been slow to respond or even recognize the magnitude of the climate threat. It is true of my own country, as well. But this is a new day. It is a new era. Each of us must do what we can when we can to grow our economies without endangering our planet -- and we must all do it together.

US President Barak Obama addressing the COP21 Paris, November 2015

The rationale is coming clear finally in 2022 for Energy Transition - A long-term, structural change in all components related to the production, conversion, delivery and use of energy. Back in 2018 when we undertook the BigDo project, it seemed like a radical idea - that the fossil fuel industry could be the key to the energy transition, and that Transition Engineering could accelerate effective systemic shifts to meet the climate challenges InTIME. Things have substantially shifted, as evidenced in the recent CMS Report.

In 2018 we undertook a brainstorm on massive transformational change. We used the Matrix Game methodology and made an amazing discovery - The BigDO is doable!
Professor Krumdieck is available for speaking engagements to present this game-changing finding. Numerous research institutes are available now to work with the oil industry to provide modelling and analysis to facilitate a well managed transition.

Video of the BigDo (2018)

Webinar discussion of What is Transition Engineering for Oil & Gas?

Transition Engineers                                                                

  • We will use knowledge-based engineering of the systems we are expert in.
  • We will be honest with employers, policy makers and the public about the risks of business as usual operations and the range of viable options.
  • We will carry out investigations using effective methodologies to discover disruptive ideas and develop these into down-shift projects that achieve the transition requirements in the most direct way possible – by reducing fossil fuel production and demand by 80%.
  • We will practice, develop, share and expand the competencies and impact of the field.

That is a lot to do. But every time there are new challenges and new opportunities, a new field of engineering emerges to deliver the projects, meet the requirements, manage the risks and achieve the benefits.

Why do we think we can do it?  Because the engineering professions have done it before. Every time our successful technologies have caused disasters and unintended consequences, a new field of engineering emerges in response. Safety, Waste Management, Green Chemistry, Natural Hazards... Now, the field of Transition Engineering is available to train engineers in any field in the methodology of flipping their perspective, and discovering projects that their organisations can do.

The Ultimate Wicked Problem:  Oil

We took on the ultimate wicked problem of global oil production, currently over 98 million barrels per day.The global oil supply is essential for nearly all activities and end uses, if oil supply declined, the price would shoot up and the world economy would be thrown into recession. But continued growth in production, or even maintenance of current production is not sustainable. Investment in new oil production provides one of the historically highest rates of return. But this production must retreat by 80% in order to have any chance of staying under the planetary greenhouse gas accumulation failure limit. Click the link to see the MegaShift Project that came out of this wickedest of all problems.

Programme: Doing not Talking                                                                                                         

University students and professionals will explore how this new field of engineering goes beyond targets, actions the social responsibility, and is all about doing. Join us for The Big Do, and join the biggest project yet.