AGM and Conference / Convergence 18th October 2023

The GATE Annual General Meeting is open to all members of GATE and will take place on 18th October 2023. It will be a virtual event held via Zoom. 

The AGM will be accompanied by a 2 hour session in which members will share updates on various Transition projects.

We call this a “convergence” only to distinguish it from a formal peer-reviewed academic conference. It is intended as a sharing of ideas.


The 2-hour Convergence will cover the same presentations two times. The first run before the AGM, evening in New Zealand, and the 2nd run after the AGM.


You may join either runs, according to whichever best suits the local time where you live. Nominally the first run will be led by our Trustees based in New Zealand, and the second by our Trustees based in the UK.


You can register to participate in the Convergence and AGM by clicking the button below. When you have registered you will receive a full agenda and log on details. 

Education and Learning Resources

Our intention is that GATE can provide for all of your training needs to enable you to develop your skills and apply the tools of Transition thinking regardless of where you are starting, or what your budget is. 


We will shortly be launching a revamped Eduction and Learning section on our website highlighting courses at all levels from free webinars through to PhD, including CPD courses and Masters.


The actual courses will be provided by third parties; HE courses will be provided by universities, CPD courses by CPD training providers, and Webinars by Members of GATE.


In future we may partner with other education and learning partners to add valuable content for members. 


GATE Networking Survey

GATE aims to facilitate dialogue debate and the sharing of ideas about the discipline of Transition Engineering between all professionals who want to use the thinking tools to become better agents of change. 


We don’t want to create a pointless new networking infrastructure, so we want to know from members and potential members the most useful ways we could implement networking tools to enable you to share ideas. 


We aim to facilitate virtual networking opportunities for people who share a sector interest in Transition but live and work far apart, and in-person networking opportunities for people who live close together but have different professional interests in Transition. 

We are open to all networking tools, and collaborations with existing professional organisations. 


We have created an online survey and we’d really like everyone with any interest in Transition to complete it so we can build resources on the best information. 

To take the survey click the link below.