We need leaders and catalysers 

The Transition Engineering methods have been developed through research, and have been applied to many projects. We know this is the way to change what we are currently doing to engineer the future we can live with. 

The GATE trustees have set up the legal framework for a working organisation. Now we are urgently seeking the young engineers with the passion and drive to take the Transition Engineering movement to its inevitable and unstoppable prominence as the "Way we do our job". 

If you have been looking for a way to change the world, this would be your chance to be a thought leader and a change maker. 

Contact any of the trustees to discuss what you would like to do and how you can use the GATE organisation to launch your transition mission in your organisation or your field. 

Susan Krumdieck     susan.krumdieck@canterbury.ac.nz

Daniel Kenning <dkenning@splendidengineering.co.uk>

Michael Reid <michael@solar-polar.co.uk>

Adam Poole <adam.poole@burohappold.com>

Cameron Steele <cameron@windmillforge.co.uk>

Mat Colmer <matcolmer@me.com>