Shift Project Concept:   International Conference without Jet Lag  

The mission is to design and demonstrate a high quality international conference with more than 10 venues on 4 continents with no international air travel. The 10 Venues will have at least 25 attendees, one speaker and a guided workshop on the international challenge. The workshop will provide training and practice of the Transition Engineering 7-Step Method.  

Join the Design Team

We have a concept for a 24 hour rolling conference. The project will require development and deployment of IT technology. The project will require development of real-time and delayed replay video technology. We will will work with a digital recording and processing company to develop the platform. They will own the IP developed. The project will require development of the model for accommodation, venue and catering facilities. We will work with an international hotel chain and universities to develop the model for the Conference without Jet Lag.  The hotel chain will be featured in news items about the conference, and will own the brand "Conference without the Jet Lag".  The project will require development of the model and methods for organizing and real-time coordination and communications.  We will work with an international conference organizing company to develop the "Green Conference" option. They will own the design for the Green Conference. 

Join the Organizing Team

Christchurch, New Zealand                   Susan Krumdieck & Minni Gorthy         University of Canterbury

South Carolina, USA                            Michael Dale                                       Clemson University

Grenoble, France                                 Anne-Catherine Favre-Pugin                ENSE3

Bristol, UK                                          Paul Harper                                        University of Bristol

Munich, Germany                                

Irvine, California


26 November 2020 - Presentations by people who have had the Transition Engineering training, have carried out an InTIME project and are presenting their shift projects. 

21 November 2019 - Combined venue, no-fly format for a transition engineering InTIME Workshop. We had one international speaker from Grenoble University giving an update on the Transition Engineering School opening in 2020.

22 November 2010 - the world first national No-Fly Conference on Signs of Change for Sustainability. Recorded videos