Have you ever felt like you wanted to do more than engineering business as usual? Have you thought about engineering the transition you want to see in the world?  A general director of a major oil company has recently been quoted as saying,  “Countries are grappling with their Paris emissions reduction commitments and setting targets. Part of the problem, is that no-one has moved onto the “project phase” in which the industry can be involved. When looking for answers around the world – such as what a transition to a low-carbon economy would cost - information is “hard to find”. The lower-carbon transition is necessary, but there needs to be a “rational dialogue based on scientific facts”. Transition Engineering is an emerging field with the specialization of moving the energy transition into the “project phase”. The Transition Engineering Podcast is not about what other people should do. The podcast features discussions and practical investigations. On-line resources are available at the GATE website. 

The episodes are on our YouTube Channel, but they are audio recordings so you can enjoy while walking the dog. 

PODCAST Episodes

TE01       What if you had perfect knowledge – Could you save the Titanic?

TE02       The First Rule of Engineering is: Define the Problem – Global Warming

TE03       The first rule of engineering is: Define the Problem – Oil

TE04       Visions of the Future – Good Thing or Bad Thing?

TE05      State of Mind – The 7 Stages of Grief

TE06       Transition Engineering 101 – Draw a Picture

TE07       Understanding the Hopelessness of the BAU Scenario – The Bacteria Story

TE08       InTIME Project Example – Residential Heating in Munich

TE09       Taking the Blindfolds off – The Elephant in the Room

TE10       Creativity and Technology – The Future in Film

TE11       Energy Return on Energy Invested – What is possible and what is possibly not

TE12       The Emperor’s New Clothes – The psychology of belief in progress, and a market for green technology miracles

TE13       Hydrogen – Easy Green Energy Myth #1

TE14       Carbon Capture and Storage. – Easy Green Energy Myth #2

TE15       Electric Car – Complicated Green Energy Myth #3

TE16       Principle of Energy Transition – In the future there is much less consumer energy and no disposable products

TE17       2121 - Electricity on Demand, and in particular Peak Demand

TE18       2121 - Tourism, and in particular Cruise Ships

TE19       2121 - Air Travel, and in particular Holidays

TE20       2121 - Cities, and in particular Personal Transport

TE21       2121 - Cities, and in particular Residential Built Environment

TE22       2121 - Cities, and in particular Land Use (how it all fits together) 

TE23       2121 - Freight Transport and Goods Movement

TE24       2121 - Disposable Packaging

TE25       2121 - Food, and in particular Food Production 

TE26       2121 - Forests