Transition Brainstorm Workshops

A series of brainstorm workshops have been held around the world to action the COP21 international agreement to limit global warming to less tan 2o C. The objective is for engineering students and young professional engineers to work with students from other disciplines to generate a set of project briefs for ideas beyond the usual climate change targets.   The workshop plan below has additional video links which you can watch which cover many of the subjects in Transition Engineering. The reports for each workshop are also given below, so read and be inspired by the ideas of students from many different countries. Energy is vital to all activities, all products and services. The media and the public have high interest in stories about alternative energy sources and technologies. It is vital that as we work on the transition of existing energy systems, we do not get distracted by energy technologies stories that do not actually represent viable contributors to the transition. The hard work in these brainstorm sessions is in parking the tragedy of what growth economics has already done, unpacking the science of what must be done, getting a grip on the political distractions of what can't be done, and finally, directing our creativity and unleashing our problem-solving abilities to generate concepts of what engineers will get done.


For descriptions of the workshops and resulting shift projects developed by the participants visit this link:



CPD Course


InTIME - Transition Engineering Training

GATE offers training for professional practitioners in Transition Engineering, whether they are engineers or peer professionals, to ensure that they have the expertise and practice to implement Transition Engineering in their work. 

We can offer 1, 2 and 5 day CPD courses on "Introduction to Transition Engineering" and INTIME; Integrated Transition Innovation Management and Engineering

We offer face to face in-house and public courses. In-house courses can be arranged to suit your organisation. Public courses are run to suit demand. We are working on an online version of the course; please contact us by email if you are interested in the online version. 

The course fee includes the reading materials, access to the video lectures, assessment by the course instructor, and publication of one GATE Knowledge Base paper open access to all members. This course has been delivered 4 times via lectures and exercises.

Instructor:  Daniel Kenning   CEng CEnv FIMechE MGATE MEI PIEMA


Price  £15000.003-Stage Group Programme