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With Jason Marmont - What is Transition Engineering and why is it imperative? Link

Happen films

With Jordan Osmond and Antoinette Wilson - Rethinking Renewable Energy Link

Sustainable Schools

With Mel Harwood - Transition Engineering changing the story Link

The rubbish trip

With Hannah Blumhardt - Do I really need this? Link

Blowing Bubbles

Discussion with Samuel Mann and Mawera Karetai about Energy Transition Link

Sustainable Lens  

Resilience on Radio PodCast - What about the Hydrogen Hype?  Link

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Episode 302: Engineering Solutions to Fuel our Future  Link  

Eco living in action

Transition Engineering our Low Carbon Future Link


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Nights RNZ National

How do we engineer a zero-carbon future? University of Canterbury mechanical engineering Professor Susan Krumdieck is a pioneer in the emerging field of Transition Engineering, and she joins us from Christchurch.   Link

17 March _Transition away from our current lifestyle - how does this work with COVID-19.  Link

Nine to noon RNZ National

Leading scientists and academics are calling on the government for a national risk assessment of the country's long term risks. The Wise Response Society say they don't want to be cast as just another climate change action group, but scientists, doctors, engineers, and researchers at the coal face who are already seeing the unintended consequences of past and current economic decisions piling up. Dr. Susan Krumdieck is a Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Canterbury. Link

saturday morning with kim hill

Susan Krumdieck: transition engineering Researcher in mechanical engineering at the University of Canterbury, and a founding member of the National Energy Research Institute.   Link